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I would like to share this wonderful poem written by Alexander L. Lacson, a man who's vision is set to change how Filipinos view themselves. Enjoy reading it!


I am Filipino, a child of the One God who is the Creator of all that is in our world and the universe. 

I am Filipino. I am as perfect and as beautiful as my Creator planned and wanted me to be, for my God created me in His image, out of His perfect love.

I am Filipino, a beloved child of God, like everyone else in our world, and no less than the stars above and anyone else below. As such, I have equal right and claim to all the beauty and bounty that God provided in my country and in the world.

I am Filipino. My Creator planted and destined me on a specific spot on earth, where the sun always shines, in an archipelago of 7,107 beautiful islands, which the whole world calls the "Pearl of the Orient".

I am Filipino. Pilipinas is the home God gave to me and my people. This is the land of my birth. This is the soil of my life. It shall be the resting place of my bones.

I am Filipino. The beauty and richness of my country lured many mighty powers of the world to invade our shores. So today, my blood is a mixture of the best and finest of the west and the east. My mind is an heir to all the great thoughts and values of the west, and the great virtues and principles of the east. My heart beats the romanticism of the west and the passion of the east.

I am Filipino. Today, my country is home to many tongues and cultures, to many colors and faiths. Today, my country is home to all types of peoples who come from various corners of the earth, and who try to live with each other, in an atmosphere of liberty and harmony.

I am Filipino. My Creator destined me to belong to a smaller part of humanity – the Filipino family. I am therefore a brethren, a kapatid, to anyone and everyone who is Filipino, whoever, wherever, and whatever he or she may be in our world.

I am Filipino. You will know me by the word "po" in my sentences. You will know my children by their "mano po", our tradition of children paying respect and honor to their parents and elders. You will know me by my sunny smile that is always on my face. You will know me by the warmth of my hospitality. But most important of all, you will know me by my loving and caring heart when you are in need of my help, even if you are a stranger.

I am Filipino. I belong to the family of humanity. I am therefore a kapatid to all the men and women of our world. I am a brethren of all Christians, of all Muslims, of all Jews, of all Buddhists, of all Hindus, and all other peoples whose faiths lie somewhere else.

I am Filipino. I am who I am today because of the role God wants me to play.

I am Filipino. My Creator made me exactly the way I am, so I can sow God's seeds of love in many parts of the world, so I can help humankind live more harmoniously as one family, so I can help the world become a better place for all humanity.

I am Filipino. God planted the seeds of beauty and greatness in me, for He truly wants me to great and beautiful, for God truly wants me to add more beauty and greatness to our world.

I am Filipino. I am a faithful child of God. And truly, the world is yet to see the full measure of the beauty and greatness of the Filipino. For truly, the world is yet to see what God can do to a child fully committed to Him.

I am Filipino. As a child of God, I am here, all too willing to lend my life, to help build a better country for my Filipino family, and a better world for all humanity.

I am Filipino.

By Alexander L. Lacson
Author, National Bestselling Book
"12 Little Things Filipinos Can Do To Help Our Country"

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Join the Revolution Now!

A Call to Action

Let's Start the Revolution of the Filipino Youth

I am calling on all young Filipinos writers, wannabe writers, artists, musicians, composers, and other professionals to send in your articles or other literary works for publication here.

I will publish all your works in full and I will not edit it except for correcting typographical errors and wrongly spelled words.

If you believe you can help change the course of Philippine History, email me at javometa @ and Let's Start the Revolution of the Filipino Youth!

12 Things Ateneans Should Do (From Ateneo de Manila University's The Guidon school paper)

12 Things Ateneans should doby the Features Staff

Inspired by Alex Lacson’s 12 little things every Filipino should do, the Features Staff asked different members of the Ateneo community about what they think Ateneans should do for a change.

Clean as you go.
“Minsan pinapabayaan ng mga estudyante na nakakalat pa rin yung mga kinainan nila. Pero di naman lahat hindi nagliligpit.”– Bienvenido Recio, AMPC Staff

Say “Thank you.”
“Be more appreciative of people who try their best to make your stay in Ateneo pleasant by expressing your gratitude or by being more courteous.” – Fr. Bob Buenconsejo, SJ

Show some school spirit!
“The whole Ateneo community should give equal support to everything that carries the name of the Ateneo. This united support should always be present, strong, and continuous whether during times of victory or defeat.” – Arc Tolentino (IV AB PoS), Captain, Blue Babble Battalion Lifters

Behave in the library.
“Pag nasa loob ng library, di ba bawal mag-ingay? Kailangan tahimik lang. Huwag sumingit pag nagmamadali. Pag may nauna sa kanila, maghintay sila.” – Marilon Dingalan, photocopying personnel, Rizal Library

Be active in orgs.“
Academics is not enough. You need something to complement what you learn in school. You need something to complement what the Ateneo environment teaches you to do. You need something that would give you an experience of working for an organized group.” – Clark Cue (IV BS ME), COA president

Follow campus rules.“
Sumunod sila sa patakaran tsaka sa mga signs. Minsan may mga estudyante na pag nakikita yung ‘20 sheets or less’, lumalampas sila, pero minsan pag walang tao, may mga nagtatanong ng ‘Ate, pwede ba?’” – Ana Liza Chacon, photocopying personnel, Rizal Library

Mahalin ang sariling wika. – Corazon Lalu-Santos,Chair, Department of Filipino

Dress appropriately.
“Whenever you go to class, remember that what you are wearing reflects who you are. So if you want your teachers to respect you, wear decent clothes.”– Angela Kagaoan (IV BS LM)

Cast your vote.“
Be a difference. Always make informed decisions especially during elections. Make responsible choices and vote!”– Imman Santos (IV BS ME), Ateneo Comelec Chief Commissioner

Prevent the spread of viruses.
“They have to be vigilant in guarding against viruses, the same way they should be considerate of the next person to usethe computer and its components such as the mouse or keyboard.”– Gerry Laroza, Technical Staff

Use the school’s resources.“
Go to the library through the website and explore the library on your own. Walk around, explore, and familiarize.”– Lourdes David, Director, Rizal Library

Show concern for the environment.“
If you throw your trash in the proper places, that actually helps a lot. When you buy a drink and you don’t really need a straw, that’s still plastic that you’re saving."– Abigail Favis, Instructor, Environmental Science Department

Thursday, July 12, 2007

A Dream Philippines by Alexander L. Lacson

A Philippines that is prosperous and peaceful, but one that is also kind and just.

A country where the weak can be strong, where the poor can also be wealthy.

A society where every Filipino can reach the heights of his dreams and the fullness of life as he conceives it to be.

A Philippines where there is love and kindness in the hearts of its leaders, and generosity and fairness in the hearts of those who have access to wealth and resources.

A country where there is a sense of community, where those who have care for those who have none, where the people care for the weak and the sick as well as for the young and the old among us.

A society where there is dignity and honor among our people, in the way we deal with each other, in the way we conduct our affairs.

A Philippines that can bring out the very best and the most beautiful in the Filipino, so he can truly be a blessing to God and to others, and so he can truly shine as a model person for all humanity.

We dream of a nation where in the core of its heart and soul is emblazoned God's name as its solid foundation. All told, we dream of a country that is beautiful and free.

All these and nothing less, we dream for our beloved Philippines.

Red China the Emerging Dragon and Hot India the Dark Horse

Special International View
Let's Start the Revolution of the Filipino Youth XVII

Two of the largest emerging economies in the world today are the People's Republic of China, and Republic of India. Chinas has been for the last ten years growing at a remarkably high speed with Shanghai now becoming the world's center of attraction. All major corporations worldwide are looking at the Mainland China market with wide open eyes. It is wide open eyes because of its big market and I mean BIG market, with a population of roughly a billion people, China is set to become the biggest consumer of goods worldwide. Industries are booming and the banks are getting bigger by the day too.

China's neighbor, India is as hot as China. With a population of roughly 900 million people, India is another big consumer market as well. Major technology, software and pharmaceutical companies are already thriving in India, home to the world's engineers and mathematicians. India's main advantage is its education system - a legacy of the British, which makes the country at par with others in the world in producing quality graduates in engineering, mathematics, physics, and other fields who are proficient in the English language.

In the next ten years, these two economies accounting for a third of the world's population will create the new generation of middle class families, millionaires and even billionaires. With larger populations than the United States, and the European Union combined, the pontential for growth is phenomenal. During the next half century, we will be seeing a shift in the global economy where all the major markets are in Asia: China & India's billion people markets, ASEAN's half a billion, Japan's technology-driven economy with close to 150 million people, and the still oil-rich Middle East with a large population as well.

Along with this is the shift of the balance of power. China and India will become the two biggest economies and the two richest countries in the world. China today is emerging as the Red Dragon it once was and India because of its speed may even overtake China and become the dark horse in this race. The United States is now seriously contemplating this future scenario and that is why we have the War in Iraq. Whoever controls the oil in the next half century will have the upperhand in this global game of politics.

The Philippines now has to carefully study this changing of the Guards. We must now invest resources, time and efforts with the Chinese and the Indians. As early as now we must build great relationships with them. Only by considering these changes now can we hope to become a force to be reckoned with in the future.

A Scientist's Dream

Let's Start the Revolution of the Filipino Youth XXVI

Another neglected agency in our government is the Department of Science and Technology (DOST). In the United States and other developed countries including South Korea and Singapore, science is given great importance and is usually high on the priority list for government spending. It allows the development of new technologies and breakthroughs that ensures the country's progress as a nation continues to advance.

The Internet for one was invented through the efforts of a research project under the United States' Department of Defense. A lot of new products and technologies were a result of the work of inventors, scientists and researchers. This is something that can greatly help our country achieve First World Country Status in 10 years.

Let's Start the Revolution of the Filipino Scientist!
Let's Start the Revolution of the Filipino Inventor!


Let's Start the Revolution of the Filipino Youth XXV


Another important partnership that we should strengthen is the BIMP-EAGA Business Council. Born during the administration of President Fidel V. Ramos. The grouping has been relegated lately. There are no new great developments on this front. This grouping will greatly enhance the economic opportunities now present in Mindanao and the surrounding islands.

Mindanao has one great potential to a thriving regional economy within Southeast Asia. Mindanao offers the hospitality of the Filipino people and the deep history of Islam in East Asia. For investors from the Middle East and other businessmen from across the globe, Mindanao can offer as new haven for their ideas and investments.

There is also a possibility that Mindanao has oil beneath its lands which I believe if proven true can greatly bring more revenues and development to the region. It is about time that Mindanao is given its equal share in the yearly revenue allotment it deserves. Part of the cause of the rebellion in the South is because the region has truly been neglected from any major projects in the last 50 years.

Infrastructure has to be put in place and education will have to be prioritized as well. By strengthening Mindanao's partnerships with other Southeast Asian countries and cities, the country can greatly benefit from this economic revival.