Thursday, July 12, 2007

A Dream Philippines by Alexander L. Lacson

A Philippines that is prosperous and peaceful, but one that is also kind and just.

A country where the weak can be strong, where the poor can also be wealthy.

A society where every Filipino can reach the heights of his dreams and the fullness of life as he conceives it to be.

A Philippines where there is love and kindness in the hearts of its leaders, and generosity and fairness in the hearts of those who have access to wealth and resources.

A country where there is a sense of community, where those who have care for those who have none, where the people care for the weak and the sick as well as for the young and the old among us.

A society where there is dignity and honor among our people, in the way we deal with each other, in the way we conduct our affairs.

A Philippines that can bring out the very best and the most beautiful in the Filipino, so he can truly be a blessing to God and to others, and so he can truly shine as a model person for all humanity.

We dream of a nation where in the core of its heart and soul is emblazoned God's name as its solid foundation. All told, we dream of a country that is beautiful and free.

All these and nothing less, we dream for our beloved Philippines.

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