Wednesday, July 18, 2007

12 Things Ateneans Should Do (From Ateneo de Manila University's The Guidon school paper)

12 Things Ateneans should doby the Features Staff

Inspired by Alex Lacson’s 12 little things every Filipino should do, the Features Staff asked different members of the Ateneo community about what they think Ateneans should do for a change.

Clean as you go.
“Minsan pinapabayaan ng mga estudyante na nakakalat pa rin yung mga kinainan nila. Pero di naman lahat hindi nagliligpit.”– Bienvenido Recio, AMPC Staff

Say “Thank you.”
“Be more appreciative of people who try their best to make your stay in Ateneo pleasant by expressing your gratitude or by being more courteous.” – Fr. Bob Buenconsejo, SJ

Show some school spirit!
“The whole Ateneo community should give equal support to everything that carries the name of the Ateneo. This united support should always be present, strong, and continuous whether during times of victory or defeat.” – Arc Tolentino (IV AB PoS), Captain, Blue Babble Battalion Lifters

Behave in the library.
“Pag nasa loob ng library, di ba bawal mag-ingay? Kailangan tahimik lang. Huwag sumingit pag nagmamadali. Pag may nauna sa kanila, maghintay sila.” – Marilon Dingalan, photocopying personnel, Rizal Library

Be active in orgs.“
Academics is not enough. You need something to complement what you learn in school. You need something to complement what the Ateneo environment teaches you to do. You need something that would give you an experience of working for an organized group.” – Clark Cue (IV BS ME), COA president

Follow campus rules.“
Sumunod sila sa patakaran tsaka sa mga signs. Minsan may mga estudyante na pag nakikita yung ‘20 sheets or less’, lumalampas sila, pero minsan pag walang tao, may mga nagtatanong ng ‘Ate, pwede ba?’” – Ana Liza Chacon, photocopying personnel, Rizal Library

Mahalin ang sariling wika. – Corazon Lalu-Santos,Chair, Department of Filipino

Dress appropriately.
“Whenever you go to class, remember that what you are wearing reflects who you are. So if you want your teachers to respect you, wear decent clothes.”– Angela Kagaoan (IV BS LM)

Cast your vote.“
Be a difference. Always make informed decisions especially during elections. Make responsible choices and vote!”– Imman Santos (IV BS ME), Ateneo Comelec Chief Commissioner

Prevent the spread of viruses.
“They have to be vigilant in guarding against viruses, the same way they should be considerate of the next person to usethe computer and its components such as the mouse or keyboard.”– Gerry Laroza, Technical Staff

Use the school’s resources.“
Go to the library through the website and explore the library on your own. Walk around, explore, and familiarize.”– Lourdes David, Director, Rizal Library

Show concern for the environment.“
If you throw your trash in the proper places, that actually helps a lot. When you buy a drink and you don’t really need a straw, that’s still plastic that you’re saving."– Abigail Favis, Instructor, Environmental Science Department

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