Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Meeting the UN Millennium Development Goals

Let's Start the Revolution of the Filipino Youth XXIII

Another important project that our country must meet are our commitments to the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDG). Primary of which is halving poverty by 2015. The eight point MDGs are:

1. Eradicating Poverty & Hunger
2. Achieving Universal Primary Education for All
3. Promoting Gender Equality
4. Reducing Child Mortality
5. Improving Maternal Health
6. Combating Disease
7. Ensuring Environmental Sustainability
8. Developing a global partnership

I believe that each Filipino is enjoined to play his or her own part in helping achieve these goals. I believe that even in our own little way, we can potentially start the sea of change that will help reduce poverty substantially in the country. By listing down these 8 goals in a piece of paper and writing down what simple steps you can take to help achieve these goals, and actually acting on it, we can potentially bring about its success.

Even by just spreading the news about the UN Millennium Development Goals, I believe we are already helping ourserves and the country in meeting our commitments to the UN.

One of these goals which we can tap now is in developing a global partnership. As I've already written, we are part of the ASEAN group which we can use to help each member country achieve their own goals. By linking with each other, more solutions can be developed together that will address these challenges.

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