Monday, July 9, 2007

Making Campus Organizations Relevant

Let's Start the Revolution of the Filipino Youth XIII

Campus organizations are probably one of the most neglected organizations in the country today. But we probably don't that they can be great agents for social change. With the quality of education in the country decreasing by each passing year, campus organizations have somehow become irrelevant - most notable of all, is the student government body. Judging from my personal experience and my readings, very few students today are truly engaged in their campus organizations aside probably from the basketball teams of the UAAP. If our government and the different NGOs out there are sincere in their efforts to improve the quality of education in the country, then I believe it is high time that they work hand in hand with campus organizations. Campus organizations played an important role in driving out students during the 1986 People Power Revolution and also during EDSA II.

But there is more than can be done on this point. After the usual euphoria, activities died down. Campus organizations today have become just venues for meetings or get together activities. I believe that they should be strengthened and trained by schools and universities where they operate to become better agents for social change. They can be avenues for learning and development. Campus organizations can provide the necessary leadership and management experience that today's students need. They can provide lessons on improving students' communications, inter-personal, presentation and computer skills. They can help tear down the walls for more open student involvement in school activities, be it in academic, sports or extra-curricular.

They can also help in improving student-teacher or student-parents relationships. Campus organizations can help equip students with skills they need in the workplace - selling, marketing, accounting, budgeting, planning, organizing, training, among others. By building stronger and better campus organizations, student life will become more meaningful and exciting.

Aside from meeting new friends, campus organizations can become brainstorming sessions for start-up businesses, research studies, and new inventions. Campus organizations can help reform schools today and contribute more to nation-building. School chapters of organizations like Gawad Kalinga, Habitat for Humanity, Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) and other can be established to better enhance each Filipino's sense of volunteerism.

If you want to learn more about how to make your school organization outstanding, please visit this site:

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Blue Heavens said...


Coming from an independent NGO organisation in Singapore, I agree with you that much can be done for campus organisations to make them relevant to the outside world. I'm currently from a tech movement called The Digital Movement (, and it's more of an independent association rather than affiliated to a specific school, although most of us actually come from a single school. I've decided to join it instead of school organisations because of the freedom, the relevance and the interest I have in that certain area, as compared to bureaucratic organizations in schools which are controlled by some people who may be adverse to change.