Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Entrepreneurship Part II

Let's Start the Revolution of the Filipino Youth XV

I truly believe that if we can create a sizeable army of Filipino entrepreneurs, we can potentially become a newly-industrialized country within the next 10 years. The biggest economies in the world are fueled by little known entrepreneurs in each and every corner of their regions. The United States and Japan, two of the biggest economies in the world, are exceptionally full of people who have taken their entrepreneurial spirit to greater heights. More and more Americans and Japanese have created, innovated, produced new products or services to supply not only their respective populations but the entire world as well. India, China and Vietnam are hot on their trails and we must not waver in our commitment to this as well.

All the industrialized countries in the world like Singapore, the United Kingdom (UK), Taiwan, Sweden, Germany, France and all the others are avery keen on helping their local businessmen and industries grow to be able to compete globally. In order for the Philippines to play catch up, we must embrace the entrepreneurial culture of these big economies. We must push our students, our youth to experiment, to produce, to invent, to create, to innovate and to start their own businesses.

One of the most important forms of entrepreneurship has also gained popularity in the country. Franchising has arrived. Franchising is a great way to start your own business. Franchising allows you to replicate someone else entrepreneurial idea so that you won't have to go through the same trial and error process in starting a business. I would like to emphasize though that we must as much as possible support local companies if we do choose to franchise a business.

It is also equally important that we support local businessmen and industries over the foreign ones because most of the time, 100% of their profits are reinvested in the country. Unlike foreign controlled companies where a percentage of their profits are sent back to their mother companies abroad.

If you believe in your dream, then take the plunge now and start your dream career in entrepreneurship.

Let's Start the Revolution of the Filipino Entrepreneur!

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