Monday, July 9, 2007


Let's Start the Revolution of the Filipino Youth Part VIII

The recently released movie entitled "Transformers" by DreamWorks is an interesting film for our times. Produced by Stephen Spielberg and directed by Michael Bay, the film tells the story of a group of "transformers" (a term which refers to the robots uncanny ability to transform into ordinary objects like a car or CD player), who left their planet to save us, human beings, from another rogue transformer, who plans to use an energy cube to turn all electronic objects on Earth into robots. (you can read more about the story at

The story is fascinating because in today's current environment, our country badly needs a group of transformers as well to help save the day. Our country is facing its biggest challenge yet, more than the challenges of both World War II and Martial Law. The challenge I am talking about is globalization. With each passing day, the world is getting smaller due to the Internet and to the need for more openess in the global economy and international trade.

As countries around the world awaken to a new world of instant technologies in communications, transportation, trade and others, our country's preparedness will constantly come into play. Are we truly prepared to open up our economy to increased foreign investments and global trade? Are our local industries prepared to compete with our Asian neighbors and global players? Are our laws and policies conducive for business?

These are just some of the questions we need to answer. To a large extent,, I believe we are not prepared to compete globally. That is where we need our transformers. People who will take the lead and transform vital agencies and industries into stronger and globally-competitive elements of a Filipino trading system. These transformers need to fast-track infrastructure development outside Metro Manila in the next two years. They have to improve and reinvent the current set up in agriculture. We have to become self-reliant on rice. These transformers should be able to streamline the bureaucratic red tape in almost every government agency. They have to overhaul the salary standardization law and the basis or system for career advancement in government service. They have to push for political reforms especially in the country's judicial system and in the electoral process.

The transformers will have to work with the business community to strengthen Philippine companies' fighting chances in a global economic order dominated by the US, EU, Japan, China and the Middle East . These transformers like in the movie must have the courage to do the right thing instead of the easy thing.

The tranformers of Philippine society need not come from outer space. They may be ordinary Filipinos who have the potential, the knowledge, the skills to help transform the country. They will help Filipinos transcend our weaknesses, our regionalism, our 'bahala-na' attitude so that we can become better warriors on the economic battlefield.

I truly believe that transformers are what our country badly needs. They maybe individuals or organizations that envision a prosperous Philippines and are willing to take every action needed to make that a reality. They are visionaries in the sense that they will have to drive the country towards a common goal. They must inspire countless Filipinos to take up the challenge of nation-building.

As in the movie where there are good and bad transformers, we must watch out for the bad ones as well.

I believe one transformer in the horizon is Couples for Christ's Gawad Kalinga. It is helping build a Philippines free of squatters. Where every Filipino family has a home. Where every Filipino can grow. Let us hope more transformers become visible enough and help make the change our country needs.

You can learn more about Gawad Kalinga at

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toie said...

My close friend is a volunteer for Gawad Kalinga and she always tells me about their efforts to help other people - even Muslims. It's very encouraging to see people working together, regardless of faith.

I hope to be one of the Transformers, or at the very least, one of their supporters. May God bless all those with good intentions for this country.

Kitakits, Jay.